Specialty Fashion Group’s growing stable of brands

Specialty Fashion Group is behind some of Australia’s biggest brands and it’s strategy of buying up brands does not seem to be slowing down. The company last year purchased the family owned Rivers stores after being approached by the owners who were looking to offload their business. Rivers has been around for over 28 years and has a strong foothold in Australia with strong brand recognition and 160 stores Australia wide. The company was purchased by Specialty Fashion Group for $5 million and Specialty Fashion Group are looking to expand this to 220 stores in the near future. To grow the chain, Specialty Fashion Group expects to invest $4 million a year in the company to give it a boost from the current lull the company is in.

Specialty Fashion Group are the largest women’s clothing retailer in Australia owning brands such as Katies, Millers and Crossroads. They have been recently working hard to improve their online shopping experience and as a result have experienced good growth in this area. They have employed such marketing initiatives such as offering customers a Katies coupon in their marketing emails.